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Amy Elisa Hedrick

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Amy Elisa Hedrick is a licensed clinical professional counselor practicing in Idaho for the past 19 years, locally operating her private practice for the past 12 years and specializing in sex therapy since 2010.


She is deeply passionate about sexual health and through that passion, she has committed her career to helping couples and individuals accept their sexual truth, optimize their sexual function, embody their authentic pleasure, and benefit from accurate, up-to-date knowledge of human sexuality.


She values empowering others to embrace their bodies and enhance their capacity for intimacy and sexual fulfillment either individually or within relationships. Her training encompasses specific concerns such as anorgasmia, painful intercourse, sexual desire discrepancies between partners, and much more. She believes in staying educated in order to maintain the highest quality of competency and expertise in her field and maintains a resolutely open mind, seeking to understand the vast variance of sexual needs, desires, expressions, and orientations unique to each person/relationship. She seeks to understand sexual behaviors in the context of the purpose they serve and adheres to a professional ethos of “do no harm.”