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Idaho Association of Sexual Health Professionals

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About ISHP

Welcome to the Idaho Association of Sexual Health Professionals!

The Association and its board exist to raise awareness of sexual health in the Idaho community. This includes but is not limited to: promoting and protecting the profession, advocating for sexual health in Idaho legislation, creating networks and community among professionals, offering resources and referrals to the community members, providing best practice and medically accurate education to Idaho professionals who work with clients and patients about sexual health concerns, functioning, expression, and education.


Who are we? 

We are a group of multidisciplinary professionals and community members within Idaho, who are united in our passion for medically accurate and clinically competent sexual health education and empowerment. Education and licensure requirements around sexual health issues are insufficient and sometimes not existent for many mental and physical health professionals. This creates a chronic lack in our ability to better serve our patients, clients, and community. We recognize that though industry standards are tragically low regarding sexual competency, we have a grand opportunity to exceed these standards as an association and have a significant impact on a local level.

Sexual health is a factor of care across many disciplines. We invite counselors, physical therapists, urologists, gynecologists, family medicine practitioners, psychologists, nurses, midwives, educators, and countless others, to join us in the overarching mission of increasing the level of sexually competent care here in Idaho.


What are we about?

We strive to educate and connect professionals and communities with relevant education, raising awareness, and resources necessary to assist individuals in achieving optimal sexual health.


Who are we here to help? 

We are here to help both professionals and community members. 

We help professionals by providing opportunities to network with other professionals in a variety of disciplines and encourage more competent case consultation, coordinate patient care, and offer well-informed referrals. We also help professionals by providing best care practices and up-to-date continuing education around sexual health issues. 

We are here to help community members by providing an at-a-glance directory of Idaho professionals who actively pursue sexual health competence in their field. We also provide community members with accessible and medically accurate sexual health education and resources. Finally, we help the community by remaining aware of and involved in local legislation that impacts sexual health.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Idaho Association of Sexual Health Professionals (ISHP) is to raise awareness and competency around sexual health matters in the Idaho community. The fulfillment of this mission lies within our five key areas of focus

1- We hope to create networks and communities among multidisciplinary sexual health professionals. 

2- We commit to offer resources and referrals to the community members. 

3- We will work to provide best practice and medically accurate continuing education to Idaho professionals who work with clients and patients about sexual concerns, functioning, expression, and education. 

4- We exist to advocate for sexual health in Idaho legislation. 

5- We work to promote and protect the profession.


Ethics & Advocacy

Our ethics are in sync with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists and can be reviewed in full here.

To read all of our Ethics, please view this page.


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