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Steven I Lanzet


Boise Counseling Center

"People say my style is different from other counselors." Steven I Lanzet I am not shy about giving feedback and responding to my clients. Counseling is a relationship and I strive to create an engaging and healing dialogue from the beginning. Whatever your issue is, if it’s not getting better with what you have been doing so far, now is the time to seek assistance. My clients often say they started to feel hopeful in the first session. When my clients finally decide to go to a counselor and share secrets they thought they would never tell to anyone, having an experienced, confident, accepting, understanding, and knowledgeable counselor usually makes things better from the beginning. Seeing a counselor with decades of experience who has had great success in helping clients with their issues is so comforting. I am honored by the trust clients place. When dealing with sexual issues, the addictions of alcohol, drugs, sex, and other mental health issues, it’s a relief to move from shame and guilt with a plan that makes sense. I hope you will give yourself the chance to make this happen for you and your loved ones. Call me to discuss your concerns and together we can decide if I am the right resource for you.

Steven Lanzet provides sex-positive counseling for people in both traditional and alternative relationships. He is gay-affirmative and knows that when it comes to sexuality and relationships, there is a need for great sensitivity along with openness and flexibility. Steven does not make value judgments. Instead, he helps people live how they want while being true to their belief system. LGBTQ+ and Non-Traditional Families Steven loves the rewards of working with and advocating for LGBTQ+ and non-traditional clients. He has helped them, and their families realize and get the kind of life they want and deserve. He also works with many other sexual issues including sexual dysfunction. He is proud of his ability to help partners achieve greater sexual satisfaction and increased intimacy. Sex Addiction Treatment While Steven sees clients with many varied concerns, as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, many of his clients and their partners are recovering from Sex, Pornography, Relationship, and Love Addiction. As a member of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, Steven trains extensively with Dr. Patrick Carnes, the foremost authority on Sex Addiction, and other international addiction experts. Steven holds the CSAT-S (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist-Supervisor) and is one of the few Idaho Sex Addiction Therapists certified to supervise other CSAT’s.







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