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Dr. Chelsea Beyers


Treasure Valley Pelvic Health

Dr. Chelsea Beyers, PT, DPT, OCS, founder of TVPH, is an avid learner - eagerly asking for homework when she was just 3 years old. Her passion for learning has been key to the skills she has gained and her drive to find the root cause of symptoms for her patients. Her passion for pelvic floor started after learning her Grandma wasn’t going to be able to come to her wedding due to a limiting pelvic health problem. Then as she started her career in physical therapy the more people she treated, the more she realized how big of an impact this has on people’s lives. With her persistence to ask “WHY?" and love for learning, she continued on to receive extensive training through the Herman & Wallace Institute, The Barral Institute and other pelvic health specialty programs. She has a very intuitive approach and has been drawn to Energy Medicine, completing her Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Master training. She strongly believes that one must be treated as a whole: mind, body and soul and takes this approach with every patient to help guide them towards the goals they are wanting to achieve. Dr. Chelsea additionally helps patients foster the mindset and strategies for success with the programs she outlines. With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Chelsea will guide you through your healing journey and help you live a more comfortable and free life. She is also a founding board member for the Idaho Association for Sexual Health Professionals which is nearing final formation. Dr. Chelsea is a native to Idaho and an alumni of University of Idaho though continued on to receive her Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Utah. She started her physical therapy career in Mississippi where she started a pelvic health program at St. Dominic’s Memorial Hospital. Since returning home to Idaho in 2013, she and her husband have added three spunky kids, a ball-crazy dog and a loving cat to the family. When she’s not helping people through their healing journey, you’ll find her doing home renovation projects, hiking, camping, being silly with the kids and finishing the day with a good book or movie.







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